Higher Utilization rates,
Shared Kitchens,
More Income!

Onboard new brands on to your kitchen utilizing existing resources to increase your profit.

The Kitchen of the future

A kitchen full of equipments

Kitchefy is simplifying the lives of restaurant owner's and food entrepreneur's lives, who aim to fully utilize their existing kitchens, by providing a service to other food brands who have trouble launching new kitchens. Existing kitchens will operate multiple brands that are solely dependent on delivery, hence boosting their monthly sales and profit. The virtual brands will cover more areas with less cost.

Our Mission

At Kitchefy, we aim to boost restaurant's income by injecting new virtual brands to their existing operating kitchens in order to maximize their utilization rate with the lowest cost possible. We hand over clear manuals, Recipes and supply chain providers in a smooth process that can be done overnight.

Chef putting his final touches in his dish
Chef cooking with a on fire pan
Fire coming out from a cooking pan that's being held by a chef
Chef putting his final touches in her dish

Why Kitchefy

At Kitchefy, We have realized that the average utilization rates for existing kitchens is 40%, meaning they can be doing more than double the business in hand with the right supply funnels, Helping their restaurants grow and serve virtual brands that have high demand and are looking for operator partners.

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Zero upfront cost

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Increase your kitchen utilization rate

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Serve new customers in your area with a new brand

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Boost your restaurant's monthly profit